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My Flak Cannon

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Trying out lists:

  • Item
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Or Ordered lists

  1. Yo
  2. Is
  3. Cool

Nested Lists

  1. Item 1
    1. A corollary to the above item.
    2. Yet another point to consider.
  2. Item 2
    • A corollary that does not need to be ordered.
      • This is indented four spaces, because it’s two spaces further than the item above.
      • You might want to consider makign a new list.
  3. Item 3

In the words of Abraham Lincoln:

Pardon my french

This text will be italic

This text will be bold

Everyone must attend the meeting at 5 o’clock today.

Check out this neat program I wrote:

x = 2 x = 2 + 2 what is x